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Scooped by Robin Good!

Turn Any Existing Web Page Into a Wireframe Instantly with Wirify

Robin Good's insight:

Wirify is a very useful tool for web designers and anyone interested in analyzing and improving a web site organization and layout.

In one click Wirify is capable of rendering any web page into a simplified sketch outlining how the space on the page is being utilized, by hiding the actual contents and replacing them with graphic placeholders. 

To use Wirify you install a simple bookmarklet on your browser bookmark bar and then, anytime you want to transform a web site you are looking at into a wireframe, you can do so by clicking the Wirify bookmarklet.

Free to use.

Pro version available allowing wireframe export to other apps like Omnigraffle, Visio and Balsamiq as well as in the standard .SVG vector format. 

Try it out now: 

via Mirko D'Isidoro 

Brad Tollefson's curator insight, April 7, 2014 12:46 PM

reverse-engineering a prototype...

Scooped by Robin Good!

Design Your Web Site Mock-Up With One of These Free WireFraming Tools

Design Your Web Site Mock-Up With One of These Free WireFraming Tools | The Web Design Guide and Showcase |

Robin Good: If you are looking for free tools that can help you draft the design of your web site or application, look no further as this is a good collection providing ten wrireframing alternatives.

Definition of Wireframe:
A wireframe is a visual illustration of one Web page. It is meant to show all of the items that are included on a particular page, without defining the look and feel (or graphic design).

It’s simply meant to illustrate the features, content and links that need to appear on a page so that your design team can mock up a visual interface and your programmers understand the page features and how they are supposed to work.


Full guide:

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