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Robin Good: As new iPhone and iPad screens are pushing the limits of screen resolution to millions of new users, web designers too will soon need to adjust their web site building strategies to take this major technical issue into consideration.

Josha Johnson at Design Shack writes: "...Think about what that means. Apple has retina displays on the full iOS line: iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

This means that millions of people are browsing the web every day on high resolution screens that won’t properly display your images.

Make no mistake, this trend will only get worse as other device manufacturers play catch up and Apple explores ways to bring more pixel density to the next obvious place: the laptop market.

...We’re witnessing the emergence of higher resolution screens, but our content is only optimized for the old screens.

...The good news is that we’ve been preparing for this in some ways for years and we didn’t even know it.

The rise of CSS3 and HTML5 have really pushed forward the notion of cutting down on the number of images that we use in our markup.

...It doesn’t matter if you love Apple or absolutely hate everything they stand for, the reality is that if you’re a web designer, the rise of the retina display is going to kickstart a trend that will fundamentally change the way you build websites.

At this point in time we have a few courses of action to explore:

a) HTML5 canvas,

b) JavaScript,

c) CSS3,

d) SVG, and

e) media queries

together comprise your arsenal of weapons with which to attack the problem of your content being viewed at upwards of 264ppi."

Informative. 7/10

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